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Possibilities of arrival to Kaunas


There are several possibilities to arrive to Lithuania and Kaunas:

·        by flight

-        to Kaunas airport. There are different Ryanair, Wizzair or LOT flights from:

o   Cyprus (Paphos)

o   Denmark (Copenhagen)

o   Greece (Rhodes)

o   Ireland (Dublin, Shanon)

o   Italy (Naples, Rimini, Bologna, Milano)

o   Israel (Tel Aviv, Eilat)

o   Netherlands (Eindhoven)

o   Norway (Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger)

o   Spain (Alicante, Palma de Mallorca)

o   Poland (Warsaw)

o   United Kingdom (Bristol, Edinburgh, London Stansted, London Luton).

-        to Vilnius airport (regular flights from many different European cities);

·        by train - to Kaunas railway station (info phone: +370 37 221093, 292260) from Moscow, Warsaw a.o.;

·        by bus - to Kaunas bus station (info phone: +370 37 322222) from Minsk, Riga, Warsaw, Praha, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Rome, Athens, a.o.


There are three means of most popular regular lines of public transport in Lithuanian cities: buses, trolleybuses and minibuses.


Transportation to campus of Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU-AA) after arrival in Kaunas or Vilnius:


1. Arriving from Kaunas Railway station or Bus station

From Kaunas railway station, bus (terminal) station or Kaunas downtown to VMU-AA (6-7 km distance from City center), you may take bus No 18 (price 1 EUR, ticket by driver) or minibus No 56 (price 1,30 EUR, ticket by driver) direction "Akademija" or "ˇŪA". The buses are available at street near bus and railway stations’ buildings (street Vytauto prospektas) or in the downtown street Kęstučio gatvė. Taking minibus No 56 to University campus (Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University - former Aleksandro Stulginskio universitetas) You should stop it by hand and arriving ask to stop near “Bendrabučiai” (near the hostel No 5 and 4th building of VMU-AA where conference centre is located) or final stop “Universiteto centriniai rūmai” (Central building of VMU-AA, where is the International Cooperation Department, see campus map). Taxi from Kaunas downtown to ASU costs ca 8-10 EUR.


Timetables of public transportation in Kaunas:


2. Arriving from Kaunas airport

After arrival you may transfer to Kaunas railway and bus stations by bus No 29 (see 1. for further transportation instructions) or go with taxi (price ca 15 EUR) to Kaunas downtown or directly to VMU-AA campus.


3. Arriving from Vilnius airport

Coming to Vilnius airport you have 2 choices:

1) When arriving at late time You may spend the night in hotel at Vilnius airport. You can book it by phone or e-mail. Information about hotel in airport: Next morning You may continue travel to Kaunas.

2) Travel from Vilnius airport to Kaunas.

You may take bus No 1, 88 or 3g (price 1,00 EUR, timetable: or airport train (costs 0,80 EUR, takes 8 min.) to come to Vilnius railway/bus station (the same area).

Timetable of trains to Kaunas and airport train You may find:

You may come also to bus station which is in front of railway station and take the bus. Usually buses go to Kaunas every 20-30 min. (timetables:


See instructions in line 1. for further transportation from Kaunas railway or bus station.


Touristic information of Kaunas:

Adresses and phones of VMU-AA Unit of International Cooperation Department