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ERASMUS traineeships information for international students of Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University University (VMU-AA)


The placements for ERASMUS traineeships the students should find themselves or with the help of teachers or vice-deans. Some training suggestions could be found here:


The rules and documents of ERASMUS training for students of VMU-AA:


1. The traineeship should be performed in the countries which are members of ERASMUS programme.

2. Place of training should be agreed with the vice-dean of faculty for studies. Total length of ERASMUS studies and traineeship cannot exceed 12 months for one study cycle. Interested students should fill-in the Application form, print and sign. The on-line application form is in Lithuanian language. Here You can find the file with English explanation of Lithuanian application fields. After that it should be confirmed by the vice-dean of faculty with the marks of average study score and foreign language score.

3. Student should prepare and fulfil the Learning agreement for traineeship. It should be signed by student, vice-dean and representative of accepting organisation. There are some examples of learning agreements for traineeship.

4. 1-2 weeks before departure of traineeship place the students should fulfil the financial agreement and present it to International Cooperation Department of VMU-AA (ICD-AA). Students should fill-in and present to the faculty vice-dean the application for ERASMUS training abroad.

5. Grant is transferred to the Lithuanian card account of the student. The first higher part (80 %) is transferred before the student’s departure. Final payment is made when the student will return and present all requested documents of ERASMUS studies abroad. The information about amounts and payment of the ERASMUS grants is presented here:

6. For traineeship participants is compulsory to conclude civil liability insurance contract (covering damage caused by a fault of the student during his/her work), and into an accident insurance contract (covering at least the damage to the student, which he suffered in the workplace) with insurance company. Students could make insurance in any other insurance company, ex. UADBB „Insurance Brokers Group“ (Gedimino pr. 32-3, LT-01104 Vilnius, Phone: +370 633 78334, 8~5 212 6550,

7. When returning student should bring:

·      Signed hardcopy of Learning Agreement, if it was not sent earlier by post mail  - to be submitted to ICD-AA;

·      Evidence of Placement (confirmation about traineeship period) - to be submitted to ICD-AA;

·      Reporting-survey forms about studies abroad - to be filled in on-line:

1)     EU online survey according to the request of European server (;

2)     Electronic language assessment (OLS) test according the invitation of ERASMUS+ server (, which should be filled in twice (at the beginning and at the end of studies abroad). The invitation for internet language courses.

·      Traineeship evaluation (E+ Traineeship Certificate). Hardcopy should be submitted to Dean’s office, copy – to ICD-AA);

·      Report of traineeship according to the requirements of according VMU-AA faculty.

8. After the return student should submit application for permit to continue the studies at VMU-AA after ERASMUS placement abroad to the vice-dean of faculty.


More information about EU ERASMUS program in Lithuania